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30 May 2012 | 13:25 12331
Yevhen Seleznyov: Everything is fine with Pyatov
Yevhen Seleznyov, photo FC Shakhtar

One of the players, who will represent our team at the European Championships, answered the press office questions immediately after the announcement of Ukraine’s Euro 2012 squad.

- Yevhen, our congratulations on your inclusion in the Ukraine’s final 23-man squad for Euro 2012. When did you learn about it and did the situation inside team change after the announcement?
- We learned about it this morning. As for the situation, it is always hard to part with some of the players, be it me or someone else. That said, nothing can be done, the choice is made. It was necessary to determine three players who would have to leave the national team’s camp. Anyone, including me, may have been among those three players.

- Did you have any doubts concerning your inclusion in the final squad?
- Everyone wants to play at the Euros. What’s done is done.

- There were many talks about Pyatov’s injury, but yesterday he played the full 90 minutes against Estonia...
- Yes, everything is fine with Pyatov.

- Does the second training camp differ from the one held in Turkey?
- Now we are having more theory and technical sessions.

- That is, there is less physical activity.
- I would not say that we don’t run often. Everything is normal.

- Does an overwhelming victory in a friendly match boost your confidence on the eve of Euro 2012?
- I think that everything will be shown only at the Euros. After all, there will be a completely different atmosphere, other teams. 

- Why do you think, yesterday, the Estonians failed to put up a real fight against our team?
- Because Ukraine was playing well!

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