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7 October 2011 | 15:00 11740
Andriy Pyatov: You get goose pimples when the CL anthem is played
Andriy Pyatov, FC "Shakhtar"

From October 7-9, anyone can have a photo taken in front of the UEFA Champions League cup in Lenin Square in Donetsk

As we announced previously, this has become possible owing to the visit of Luis Figo and Dwight Yorke, who brought this iconic trophy to Donetsk within the framework of their world tour. The joint press conference was also attended by the FC Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov, who answered the questions posed by the club press office after the event:

– Andriy, could you imagine at the beginning of your footballing career that you would sit next to Luis Figo, Dwight Yorke and the UEFA Champions League cup some time later?

– No, I couldn’t, it would be just a dream! (smiling) But now it’s a dream come true for me. Back in my childhood, as well as in my teens, it could well be nothing but a pipe dream.

– What does this trophy mean to you?

– Aspirations! Aspirations to win it. I believe in dreams coming true, especially when they are realistic. I am confident in our team, of our strength. Everything depends on us.

– Did you manage to privately talk to Figo and Yorke? One-on-one?

– Just for a short while. But that’s my fault – I just need to learn some more English! (smiling) It will be easier then.

– Did they show off their "Shakhtar" jerseys to you?

– "Shakhtar"? Not yet!

– Their jerseys feature the numbers 7 and 19.

– It may trigger close tighter competition within the team. (smiling)

– Didn’t your daughters ask you what kind of cup their father was going to present?

– No, I didn’t share that with them. For them it’s all about their dad being present on the pitch. They are still too young to understand that. It’s all ahead of them.

– Now "Shakhtar" are trying to win this trophy again. Two matchdays are over. What’s the mood in the team?

– Generally speaking, everything’s fine. Certainly, it’s not that simple. We achieved a lot last season, aiming even higher this year. But that’s life. We encounter some big-name clubs in our way full of rises and falls. I think that we have lost nothing yet. It’s important to strive for success, and we will do that.

– The Champions League matches always make you feel special…

– Surely! The whole world watches us. You can feel that special responsibility both in the domestic championship and Cup matches and in the Premier League games.

– And what do you feel when that excitement is over, you have entered the pitch and they are playing the Champions League anthem chorus?

– Well, you get goose pimples then! (smiling)

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