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29 December 2011 | 11:24 13294
Andriy Pyatov: We visited the Seychelles, now we should show our children some snow
FC Shakhtar - Andriy Pyatov

FC Shakhtar goalkeeper shared his festive mood with the press office staff and concluded on the year results via phone.

Andriy, where are you now?
– In Donetsk. In a traffic jam to be precise! (laughing)

How is your holiday going? Where have you been already?
– Thanks, everything is fine! My wife and I visited the Seychelles. We very much liked it. The weather was fine there, we just had some great time.

Did you meet any team mates there?
– Sure, I did! We were there together with the Ischenkos, the Kuchers, the Rakitskiys, the Kobins and the Pukanychs …

A pretty big company!
– Yeah, it was cheerful there! I am in Donetsk now for a short while. Tomorrow I am going to my child’s godfather by plane. I will stay there for a couple of days and go to Slavskoye place located in the mountains. Now we should show our children some snow, ‘cause Donetsk can’t boast much of it! While the New Year we will celebrate in Carpathian mountains.

How would you assess the passing year?
– I live by the everything happens for your good principle. You cannot win all the time. I hope that this Champions League failure will do us good. We were not disheartened in the closing games, I believe we proved our ability. In other words, we just draw the right conclusions and move on in the right direction. And that’s what really matters. I want to primarily wish our supporters good health. The rest depends on every one of us. If we all are healthy – the fans will come to support us in the stadium and to celebrate new wins together with us. Wish everyone a very happy New Year!

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