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4 June 2012 | 13:23 13393
Andriy Pyatov: We live among the mountains, it’s quiet here
Andriy Pyatov, photo FC Shakhtar

Today, on the 1st of June, Ukraine national team takes on Austria in a pre-EURO 2012 friendly. A few hours before the game, the goalkeeper of FC Shakhtar and Ukraine Andriy Pyatov spoke with the club press office correspondent over the phone.

- Andrew, what is the team’s mood? What have you been busy doing today? 
- We are preparing for the game that we play tonight. The preparations are as systematic as usual. We have just had breakfast, having some rest at the moment. A bit later, the coaches will call us and talk to us.

Have they announced the starting line-up for the match yet?
- Not yet.

Hasn’t Oleg Blokhin let you know whether you will appear or not since you played for the entire ninety minutes in the previous game against Estonia?
- No, nothing yet. We look forward to it, all hoping to be fielded.

Are the Austrians stronger than Estonians according to you? How do the coaches get the team tuned up for today’s game?
- Of course, the Austrians are stronger. As for the mood, Oleg Vladimirovich said that the result, of course, is important in terms of the players’ mental state, but to turn in some great performance is also vital. That is, the coaches put emphasis on the fact that we should give it all, with no one being careless to prove that they really deserve to appear in the starting line-up.

- We have the information that you have suffered an ankle injury. Is this true?
- Yes, it’s true. It happened even before the Premier League game with Volyn. That is, it really disturbed me, but I want to say thnk you to the club and national teams’ medical staff. Now everything is fine.

- You know, in Donetsk the championship is on everyone’s lips lately. A real football craze! I am curious whether there is any excitement within the team about the upcoming event?
- We all know what kind of event approaches. This is understandable. But it is good that we are in Austria now. I want to admit that we live here among the mountains. It’s all peace and quiet here with nothing preventing us from preparing properly. We are all doing our job, but then again, we are all well aware of the kind of event ahead of us.

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