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21 March 2012 | 22:15 11523
Andriy Pyatov: the coach will tell us more
Andriy Pyatov, photo FC Shakhtar

 FC Shakhtar goalkeeper shared his thoughts about the upcoming fixture. 

– Andriybefore challenging you Volyn suffered two straight defeatsCan this fact complicate your assignment?
– I think it doesn’t actually make any difference! Every side is challenging regardless of the previous scorelines. In any case Volyn are determined to take points away from Shakhtar. 

– You mean this fact should raise their level of commitment?
– They must have certain problems of their own. I don’t have a clue what’s going on in their team, most importantly we must get in the right mood for the game and pick up the vital three points.

– Let’s switch to Shakhtar thenAre you happy with the quality of Shakhtar‘s performance in the recent three matches?
– I already mentioned that the first two matchdays were hard, while in the last game we performed the way we should always do.

– What are the encounters with Volyn are memorable for?
– I remember our every game, I wouldn’t highlight Volyn only. It’s clear that they have their own style owing to those tall footballers. The coach will tell us more about that! (smiling)

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