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29 June 2011 | 22:53 11568
Andriy Pyatov: Quite an interesting trophy
Andriy Pyatov, FC "Shakhtar"

 Yesterday, Andriy was celebrating his 27th birthday and today he won the Salzburger Land Cup.

- What is your take on "Maccabi"?

- Good team, the champions of Israel. In the first half we had a lot of chances and we could have scored more goals, but they also played well. In the second half it became apparent that we were looking fresher.

- In the first half, the opponents created a number of chances. Had you expected to have so much work in the first period?

- There was not really so much work: they did not create any clear cut chances. Obviously, we had expected a difficult game. Despite the fact that this is the penultimate game before the start of the season, we feel certain tiredness but at the training camp this is completely natural.

- For you it was the first match after the break, have you been missing football?

- Of course! Though the break was not long I had enough time to spend with my family. For three days I have been out of action due to injury, but now everything is fine.

- Have you seen the trophy? It has an unusual shape...

- Well, it is made in the form of a bell – quite an interesting idea. But, regardless of the cup design, it is always nice to win! 

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