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23 January 2012 | 16:38 10834
Andriy Pyatov: It was difficult to find the right rhythm in the first half
Andriy Pyatov, photo FC Shakhtar

 Shakhtar’s goalkeeper reflected on today’s game vs Etoile.

- Which goal proved to be the most important one from a psychological point of view?
- I do not think that any of the goals could be labelled as the most important one. The main thing is our overall performance. Even after being reduced to ten men our teamwork was good. We played well in defence and upfront. It is clear that the main positive is today’s scoreline. That said, we also managed to put in a quality performance.

- The second match in a row saw the team playing more enthusiastically after the break. How could you explain this?
- We have just started our preparation for the season. In the first half it was difficult to find the right rhythm because the opposing team was fresh too. We should also take into account the fact that in those games many fresh players came onto the pitch in the second half, and they improved the team performance.

- What did Alexandru Spiridon tell the team during the interval?
- He said that it was necessary to continue in the same vein; to avoid sitting deep inside own penalty area, notwithstanding the fact that we were down to ten men. I think we managed to do that. 

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