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9 April 2012 | 16:24 12503
Andriy Pyatov: I provoked? Interesting…
Andriy Pyatov, photo FC Shakhtar

 In the wake of Shakhtar’s win over Dynamo the Pitmen’s goalkeeper answered the journalists’ questions.

- Shakhtar managed to keep a clean sheet against Dynamo at the Donbass Arena for a few games in a row.
- There were errors. It means there is still room for improvement. I am glad that we kept a clean sheet today.

- What did Mister say after the game?
- Nothing. The main thing is that we put in an organized display. There were on-pitch clashes but we were not involved in them.

- Did you expect such a nervous game?
- Of course. When playing against Dynamo, it is always like that. 

- What happened in the episode with Garmash?
- I restarted the game. The referee blew the whistle. I saw Garmash in our penalty area. This is what I saw in that episode. Then, he started leaving the pitch.

- At a press conference Semin said that you provoked the conflict.
- I provoked the conflict?

- Yes, he said that the keeper provoked the conflict after bringing the ball into play.
- Well, I should not have restarted the game? Interesting…

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