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6 July 2011 | 01:01 11183
Andriy Pyatov: I offer my apologies to our fans
Andriy Pyatov, FC "Shakhtar"

"Shakhtar's" goalkeeper shared his impressions of the match.

- Andriy, what is your take on the game?

- Before the game we had been eager to win this match. In the second half, we completely outplayed "Dynamo" forcing them to drop deep. But we failed to score, and above all, were caught on the break...

- What did Mister say to the team in the dressing-room during the interval?

- He underlined our errors, said that we would need to improve. Basically, in the second half we started well, played great, but did not capitalize on our chances...

- Did the Ukrainian Super Cup match differ from the Ukrainian Cup final?

- All matches are different. This is football, and anything may happen. The winner is the one who scores goals. I want to offer my apologies to our fans: there were a lot of them here, they supported us exceptionally well. We will try to correct our mistakes. I think our fans understand that. I am very pleased that after the match, when we came up to them, they gave us a round of applause. I think that in the future our relations with the fans will only get stronger. 

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