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21 September 2011 | 18:33 10477
Andriy Pyatov: I have never seen such a poor pitch
Andriy Pyatov, FC "Shakhtar"

"Shakhtar’s" goalkeeper shared his opinion about the Ukrainian Cup game vs "Shakhtar" Sverdlovsk.

- Andriy, before the match there had been a lot of talk about the quality of the pitch. Do you think its condition prevented "Shakhtar" from showing everything our team are capable of?

- Frankly speaking, I have never seen such a poor pitch. When I was a child I played on a better field. (Laughs.)

- In this regard, were you concerned about the possible problems that could have been caused by the quality of this pitch?

- Sure, it was difficult for everyone, including the goalkeepers.

- What would you say about the level of today’s opponents?

- Obviously, there is a difference in overall level between the two teams. The opponents had nothing to lose whereas we had not right to perform below par.

- Was this match viewed as a kind of a training game before the clash with "Dynamo"?

- No, every game has its own story. This is the Ukrainian Cup where any error can cost dear. Therefore, our approach towards this game was the same as in any other match.  

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