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12 January 2012 | 11:13 12136
Andriy Pyatov: I acted as a field player while on holiday
Andriy Pyatov, photo FC "Shakhtar"

 FC Shakhtar goalkeeper told us about his holiday experience.

Andriy, the holiday’s over. How did you spend it?
- It was excellent. It flashed by just as a school vacation (laughing). Seriously though, it’s always fine to take some rest, but still I was missing the team very much. 

What were you missing the most?
- The training ground. 

How about trainings?
- Well, we’ll see what kind of training sessions await us.

Did you do your keep fit during the holiday?
- Yes, I did. There were about twenty of us and we played football at Shakhtar stadium’s winter facility. Notably enough, I acted as a field player there. 

Well, we can’t but mention Lucescu…
- I talked to his doctor, the latter said that Mister was on the mend at the moment and that he would join the team soon. I hope that he will be thrilled with our current performance and trainings.    

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