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9 October 2011 | 14:49 11960
Andriy Pyatov: Fomin jumped up, Yaroshenko scored
Andriy Pyatov, FC "Shakhtar"

 In the wake of the "Shakhtar’s" friendly game vs "Illychivets", "Shakhtar’s" shot-stopper Andriy Pyatov answered the Press Office’s questions.

- A proper game is better than any training session in its own way.

- What aspect of Illychivets’ game proved to be very difficult for "Shakhtar" to cope with?

- There was not really anything that caused us serious problems. "Illychivets" managed to convert all their chances whereas our team squandered a few decent scoring opportunities.

- What happened in the episode that led to you conceding a goal?

- Ruslan Fomin was in front of me, he jumped up and it so happened that I parried the cross straight to Yaroshenko, who scored the opener.

- Are you pleased to have felt the rhythm of the game?

- Everything is just great! Actually, today was a good match. This is the best training session that can be carried out during international break. 

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