Пятов Сборная Шахтер спорт
Andriy Pyatov: We live among the mountains, it’s quiet here
4 June 2012, 14548
Today, on the 1st of June, Ukraine national team takes on Austria in a pre-EURO 2012 friendly.
Yevhen Seleznyov: Everything is fine with Pyatov
30 May 2012, 13622
One of the players, who will represent our team at the European Championships, answered the press office questions immediately after the announcement of Ukraine’s Euro 2012 squad.
Andriy Pyatov: I am feeling happy and joyful!
11 May 2012, 13228
After winning a title-decider against Oleksandriia, Shakhtar’s keeper was brief but happy.
Andriy Pyatov: I provoked? Interesting…
9 April 2012, 13051
In the wake of Shakhtar’s win over Dynamo the Pitmen’s goalkeeper answered the journalists’ questions.
Andriy Pyatov: We are composed
6 April 2012, 13564
FC Shakhtar shot stopper answered a few questions posed by the club press office ahead of the face-off between Shakhtar and Dynamo.
Andriy Pyatov: I am not a singer
4 April 2012, 14707
Today, on April 3, the Donbass Arena conference room saw an unusual event.
Pyatov suffered an injury
23 March 2012, 13007
An unpleasant accident happened to FC Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov ahead of the match with Volyn. Andriy received an injury while in training.
Andriy Pyatov: the coach will tell us more
21 March 2012, 12082
FC Shakhtar goalkeeper shared his thoughts about the upcoming fixture.
Andriy Pyatov: The game is the best training
28 February 2012, 12528
In the wake of the friendly game v Avangard, the Pitmen’s shot-stopper answered the press office questions.
Andriy Pyatov: Alexandru Spiridon asked us to be maximally focused
3 February 2012, 12602
Shakhtar's goalkeeper shared his impressions of today's game
Andriy Pyatov: It was difficult to find the right rhythm in the first half
23 January 2012, 12143
Shakhtar’s goalkeeper reflected on today’s game vs Etoile
Andriy Pyatov: I acted as a field player while on holiday
12 January 2012, 13344
FC Shakhtar goalkeeper told us about his holiday experience.
Andriy Pyatov: We visited the Seychelles, now we should show our children some snow
29 December 2011, 14541
FC Shakhtar goalkeeper shared his festive mood with the press office staff and concluded on the year results via phone.
Andriy Pyatov: We arrived with all guns blazing
30 October 2011, 12349
Having landed at Pulkovo-2 airport, "Shakhtar's" shot-stopper Andriy Pyatov shared his views on the upcoming game
Andriy Pyatov: Fomin jumped up, Yaroshenko scored
9 October 2011, 12538
In the wake of the "Shakhtar’s" friendly game vs "Illychivets", "Shakhtar’s" shot-stopper Andriy Pyatov answered the Press Office’s questions
Andriy Pyatov: You get goose pimples when the CL anthem is played
7 October 2011, 12998
From October 7-9, anyone can have a photo taken in front of the UEFA Champions League cup in Lenin Square in Donetsk
Andriy Pyatov: I have never seen such a poor pitch
21 September 2011, 11040
"Shakhtar’s" goalkeeper shared his opinion about the Ukrainian Cup game vs "Shakhtar" Sverdlovsk
Andriy Pyatov: Reserves looked impressive
6 September 2011, 11867
The Pitmen's goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov shared his views of the game vs "Shakhtar-2"
Andriy Pyatov: I offer my apologies to our fans
6 July 2011, 12509
"Shakhtar's" goalkeeper shared his impressions of the match
Andriy Pyatov: Quite an interesting trophy
29 June 2011, 12806
Yesterday, Andriy was celebrating his 27th birthday and today he won the Salzburger Land Cup